by Your Pal Frank

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released July 25, 2014

All songs written by Your Pal Frank
Additional Vocals by : Jeremy "Fiddy Shades" Romani and Matt Patterson
Recorded at MP Studios



all rights reserved


Your Pal Frank Hughestown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: I'm best with the liars
I'm best with the liars, I can't forget these open wounds that I have, you took your time with. As I lay gracefully I'm wearing despair and loneliness on my sleeve where my heart used to be.

I'm holding on, doing all I can, I'm stronger now, I know enough to put the bottle down,

Cause I'm best with the liars, I'm better at these games that you play, I'm in the shawdows. Patiently waiting, for you to collapse on top of yourself, when you know I won't be back.

I hope your holding on, doing all you can, I'm stronger now, I know enough to put the bottle..down
Track Name: Kentucky Gentleman (Chuck Taylor)
Do you hear the words I'm singing? You left me all alone lying naked on the hardwood floor. With not even a whisper, no conversation between us both. You sat there with my broken faith that you called your own. when I was home, we'd lay in bed and you'd squeeze me tight like I was your own, when I was a gentleman. Did you hear the words I'm singing? I left here all alone with every bad intention of, sitting back and watching you, self destruct. On your own terms, from your own ways, the only thing you knew was real, just walked the other way.
Track Name: People think we're doing drugs in the bathroom, and if you have any drugs meet us in the bathroom
In my room, it wreaks like the essence of your presence, that can be just a lost soul, searching for the things I've come to love. Waking up is the hardest thing I've come to know, I'm a simple man, with simple pleasures, who is as easily defeated.

And the talks, will continue per the ususal as we walk in opposite directions, not knowing we destroyed everything we left behind.

As I lay, face down, consumed by my own darkness it's the type that doesn't seem to surface. It consumes everything that I have come to love. I have lost the fight I fight for everything that makes the air worth breathing.

And the talks, will continue per the usual. As we walk in opposite directions. Not knowing we destroyed, everything, we left behind

To answer, these questions, I know that, I know that its not.